Asked Questions

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How It Works

Who will be providing the support?
A team of nurses, nutritionists, coaches, and support specialists will be analyzing your meals, identifying your fixes, and answering your questions along the way. We care deeply about helping you change how you eat and improving your health, so we’ll provide whatever you need from us to make sure you succeed and feel supported.
How long do I need to use the app for?
You can use One Fix for as long (or as short) as you need until the changes you’ve made become part of your daily habits and you feel confident you can go it alone. One Fix is not a fad diet app – the things you learn and changes you make are ones that will stay with you long after you stop using the app.
How does pricing work?
One Fix is just about $3 a day, charged monthly ($99/month), and includes: 24/7 analysis of all your meal photos, completed within minutes; one impactful fix per month to help you lose unhealthy weight; a nutritionist team you can chat with at any time to ask questions, keep you accountable, and help you reach your goals. See our pricing page for more details.
What's the difference between an in person nutritionist and One Fix?
In person nutritionist charges $100 per session (lasting 45min to 1hr), doesn’t have a complete picture of what you eat, and tends to give you the full plan you need to work on. One Fix makes data driven decisions by looking at what you eat, provides 24/7 support, and it costs $3.3/day for unlimited care.


How does pricing change if I share more meals?
It does not. We will analyze all your meals, no matter how many you share with us.
When will I be charged?
At the beginning of every period you pay up front for a month full of meal analysis, a report and 24/7 support.
How does cancellation work?
If at any time you want to cancel the service, you can go to settings and with two taps cancel the account. If you decide to cancel within the first 30 days, we will return you your money, no questions asked.
How can you offer all these services for $99 a month?
Our team of nutritionists, nurses and customer support specialists use software developed for them that helps them analyze meals efficiently, make accurate suggestions using the available data and provide in context support when needed. By helping them be more efficient, we can charge in a month what a nutritionist would charge in one session.
Can I prepay more than on month?
Not at this moment, but we will be offering that option soon.

One Fix Philosophy

Why we created One Fix?
If you can change what you eat, you control the switch for chronic disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, they’re all downstream from what you put in your mouth. And if these diseases are part of your family history, the switch is even bigger.
But diets consistently fail. Part of the error is not seeing that this is a problem of ‘how to change’, not just ‘what to eat’. Diets change too much, too fast, and mostly by brute force.
We started One Fix to help people live longer. You’re more likely to die from a chronic disease than any other cause, and changing what you eat is the best way to avoid it. If we can make easier to change, it’s a huge step towards a good, long life.

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