Step by step instructions
to lose weight

by One Fix

Changing what you eat all at once is too hard. One Fix helps you find your first step.
And then the next, making every effort count.

You already tried to change everything you eat at once and it did not work. You need to know where to start. That’s where we come in.

One Fix gives you the confidence to change the right foods to lose weight for good. We think about what to eat and how to change all day, so you don’t have to.


Share pictures
of what you eat

It starts with a photo of your meals. You take them, and we analyze them - all of them. Just pausing for the photo helps. It’s an extra moment to see what you’re about to eat.

Our nutritionists use your photos to find one fix, update your log, and help you stay focused. Take a photo, and you begin to clearly see what you eat.


Make the one change
that matters the most

Most diets fail because they change too much. We help you do the opposite: focus on one small change to your food, so it’s easy and it lasts.

You do each fix for a month, and it becomes part of who you are.
That’s how to change what you eat.
One fix, one month.


Lose weight.
Get healthier

One Fix helps you lose your abdominal fat, which is the cause of most chronic disease.
Each month you’ll change one food, and in response your body will store less fat.

You won’t be hungry, and your body
will immediately feel better day-to-day.

What Makes One Fix Different?

One Fix is a network of nutrition experts and customer support specialists who use software to help you change how you eat.

Easiest Tracking

If you can’t see what you eat it will be impossible to change. With One Fix, the only thing you need to do is take a picture, we take care of the rest. In a couple of minutes you get a macro nutrient estimation. The experience is pretty magical, you should give it a try.

Step by Step

We developed a model of care to not just tell you what to do but, more importantly, help you do it. We help you get from where you are to where you want to be, one change at a time. There is a lot of hype around magical foods. In reality, there are only a few offenders that do most of the damage.

Unrivaled Support

No one provides more support, with more personalization and better guidelines than us. We empower our One Fix team with the software tools to keep track of your journey and make sure we are always helping you take the next step.

Frequently asked questions

Changing what you eat is the most important thing you can do for your body, so we understand if you have questions. We address common concerns in our FAQ — but always feel free to reach out with specific questions.

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How long do I need to use the app for?
You can use One Fix for as long (or as short) as you need until the changes you’ve made become part of your daily habits and you feel confident you can go it alone. One Fix is not a fad diet app – the things you learn and changes you make are ones that will stay with you long after you stop using the app.
How does pricing work?
One Fix is just about $3 a day, charged monthly ($99/month), and includes: 24/7 analysis of all your meal photos, completed within minutes; one impactful fix per month to help you lose unhealthy weight; a nutritionist team you can chat with at any time to ask questions, keep you accountable, and help you reach your goals.
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What's the difference between an in person nutritionist and One Fix?
In person nutritionist charges $100 per session (lasting 45min to 1hr), doesn’t have a complete picture of what you eat, and tends to give you the full plan you need to work on. One Fix makes data driven decisions by looking at what you eat, provides 24/7 support and, it costs $3.3/day for unlimited care.

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