PartyGaming was first established by Ruth Parasol.

Ruth Parasol is a highly educated entrepreneur who has transformed PartyGaming into one of the most formidable rivals in the industry of online gambling by using a combination of creative thinking and aggressive risk-taking. The most notable accomplishment that her organization has accomplished is the launch of PartyPoker, which was one of the very first online casinos to focus only on the game of poker. Because of her savvy business decisions and dogged drive, she has built herself into a self-made millionaire.

Continue reading her complete biography if you would want more information about Ruth Parasol, including details on her upbringing, early career choices, her contribution to the development of PartyGaming, and her personal life. There is no question in our minds that you will acquire new knowledge.

In the Beginning

Ruth Parasol was born in San Francisco, California, in the late 1960s, although she would spend the most of her life living in Mill Valley. Ruth’s parents moved the family there when she was only a few months old. Her Jewish and Polish father, Richard Parasol, was a businessman who was involved in a wide variety of ventures that were ultimately profitable. In addition to that, he was a Holocaust survivor who raised his family according to Jewish principles. Her mother, a Swedish woman named Guna Parasol, took care of the family while she remained at home. Ruth would one day end up with two younger sisters, and she has remained in close contact with each of them throughout the course of their lives together.

Even while she was still little, Parasol had a lot of drive and ambition. She graduated at the top of her class and was given the nickname “Ruthless Ruthie” during her time in high school. Because she was always eager to put in additional work, she was able to achieve a grade point average that was unheard of: 4.1. She would fight with the professors about why she deserved a better score if she ever obtained a grade that was less than 100%. This would happen if she ever received a grade that was less than 100%. This was something that often worked in her advantage.

In addition to having an exceptionally high IQ, Parasol had remarkable physical prowess.
During her time at the high school she attended, she participated in the sports of lacrosse, basketball, tennis, and softball. Due to her outstanding athletic performance, she was granted a number of accolades, including the title of athlete of the year on not one but two times.

She was eligible for a number of scholarships when she graduated from high school in 1984, but she ultimately decided to enroll at the University of San Francisco since it was the only institution that was ready to provide her with free tuition in addition to free housing and board. She made the decision to study business at the undergraduate level, following in her father’s professional footsteps.

In spite of the fact that she battled depression throughout her first and second years of college, Parasol was able to maintain a satisfactory academic performance during those years. Her time at college was much improved once she made the decision to start taking antidepressant medication at long last. She socialized a lot and met a lot of new people, and she spent her weekends going to parties. On the weekends when she had some time off, she and a group of her friends would sometimes take a trip to Las Vegas to try their hands at the casino slot machines. This was her very first experience with gambling, and she had a great time no matter what she won.

When she eventually received her diploma in 1988, she was unsure of the specific direction she wanted to pursue her professional life. After giving it a lot of thought, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue a career in law. In 1992, she graduated with a law degree from Western State University’s School of Law and immediately began looking for work in the legal field.

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